Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life towards the end of First Semester...

So... what have I been up to lately...
 I feel like I spend so much time trying to study, make note cards, CPRETY sheets, and study sheets. Then by the time I have everything finished, there's no time to study and learn. So after test grades are posted....
Soooo... its the end of the semester, and we have all the big tests and projects now... and then finals. 8 tests in... 18 days? But hopefully with all that time I can actually focus on school and get things squared away and down pat. However right now its a lot of over whelming information so I'm more like
But its all in the mindset. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes guys. Chin up Charlie. Its all going to be ok. Sigh.... Alright, back to studying. Knock this out, one thing at a time. Love you guys..well...  Ashley =)

Happy Trails

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