Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So Yesterday my day felt more finishing one of the hardest battles of my life. I came home and slept and am just now waking up. That's 12+ hrs of sleep... I never do that. 
CONFESSION TIME: So Sunday was May 5th... aka Cinco De Mayo... aka day before the last final...
So we were studying hard all day everyday since Thursday. Sunday, someone came up with the genius idea to go get tacos... We walk in..."One drink won't hurt?".... Well after the waiters walk around pouring tequila in our mouths a few times and few more margaritas... Let's just say no more studying occurred. And Monday morning wasn't that much fun. lol. DUMBEST THING EVER. Lesson learned. Fortunately the test was easier than anticipated and didn't totally screw up academics. 

BUT first semester of nursing school is over with and we're moving on!!!

So for shits and giggles I thought I would post some fun memories of the semester.

  • First jaw dropping moment was when we were in Professional nursing class. In that class we had to make name plates. Well, our teacher was a little older and was struggling to read one girl's name plate, so she said "Sweetie, you need to make that a little bigger"... then... I can spot this voice anywhere in the world. I hear my amazing lab partner holla out "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" =) Love my Ashley
  • The next time would have to be in the same class where we played out how to handle awkward situations and how NOT to handle them. "She says she's DTF...I don't know what that means." "Oh my vagina just looks funny"
  • Our class president has a pet peeve. It's very understandable and I know he is not the only one. He can't stand it when people talk or "whisper" in class. It distracts him from what the teacher is saying. Honestly, I get distracted, but I think that's more so because its a THREE HOUR FREAKING LECTURE! Anyways, he's constantly making "announcements" to the rest of the class. Well! One day in class the teacher is talking... and he leans over to the girl next to him to say something and what not. I let out an intentionally loud, "SHHHHHH!!!" For the whole class to hear. Everyone starts laughing. It was all in good fun though because I am not about the drama

  • Another funny was when we were reviewing for our final in Patho. We have one guy in our class that everyone calls out, because well, he is really tall and ripped and wears tight shirts. We are playing a jeopardy style game and whoever dings first states their answer...blah blah blah, you get it. Anyways. Tshirt boy dinged in before the question was even finished; which was something to do with blood pressure. Straight face and all looked at the teacher "Priaprism"... Omg. The teacher's face was just can't even begin to describe it. 
  • Another funny from the same day. I drink my water out of a gallon jug. I don't like the attention it brings but I'm lazy and hate the water fountain. Drink out of a jug and you know just how much you have to drink. Wam Bam Done. Anyways. Teacher calls me out about how much she likes me and is impressed by how I drink the whole gallon ladeda... The lovely Ashley announces..."Oh that's not water" lol. Then the teacher says, "Well if that's not water start passing it around." Omg. I love my nursing class. 

Anyways. I am hoping to do a lot better next semester. I ended with 1 A, 2 B's, and 1 C. All passing. I can do better, just need to clear my slate of all the excess drama. Until next time!

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