Monday, February 11, 2013

Cherry Popping!

So this is going to be a new thing for me. My buddy from class has suggested I start a blog, and well, with all the stressors I have in my life these days, I concluded that the outlet might be nice and help me destress some. 

Who am I? Elizabeth Robinson, formerly known as Elizabeth Landrum... with several volumes of nicknames. (Liz, Lizzard, Lucy, 362.5, Izzy, Bibeth, you get my drift). I'm 25, for two more weeks; Married; in nursing school, have two dogs, and have a never ending desire to do a figure competition. haha. I love to workout and yummy healthy recipes. I would rather go to a gym than shopping any day. If I ever hear people talking about working out, you can be sure that I'm eaves dropping. Guilty. 

Anyways... maybe I should find a survey or something... Health Hx form. lol. Kidding. I'll look for some things and topics to write about. I actually have a test on Thursday, so I'm suppose to be studying for that. Until next time. Ciao! 

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